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Dragon Tree - Fast Growth

Another large houseplant is the dragon tree. You can buy this plant on our platform easily. It is really amazing to see how easy this plant is and develops. In the trade, the dragon tree is available as a small or large houseplant. The small specimens grow in the living room to stately trees. Therefore, they should from the outset be given enough space to thrive.

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As we said above you can buy plant on our shopping platform easily and fast. Online flower delivery same day available here on our web site. We will go ahead with dragon trees. Dragon trees are available in different versions. However, the individual varieties have one thing in common: A long, tall stem with bushy leaves. These long leaves make a pretty crown. Their leaves appear either plain green or with a cream-colored drawing. These luminous lines create beautiful contrasts and can also be set up wonderfully in a small group. The dragon tree makes no great demands on the location. Of course, bright lighting conditions are an advantage. Here, the leaves develop very well and, with a bit of luck, also forms further color lines. Even in shady places, it thrives excellently, because he does not like the indirect sunlight. And even this large houseplant prefers less water than too much.

The earth should be moist, but never wet. Between March and August the dragon tree enjoys fertilizer in the rhythm of two weeks. If the leaf tips turn brown, the air is to be dried, then simply sprinkle the leaves a little. Even with mediocre care, you're lucky enough to almost watch this houseplant grow. In optimal conditions, even small offshoots develop here, which you can plant into a new pot.

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