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Treehouse Roof Ideas Review

Today’s subject is treehouse roof ideas and kids treehouse ideas. A shelter in the treetop is the dream of every child.  We will talk about the treehouse ideas in this article. The freedom of design is unlimited, but parents need to pay close attention to making the treehouse a safe adventure playground.

Anyone who wants to make children's eyes shine is just right with a tree house in their own garden. Depending on your needs, the airy dwelling can be an exciting adventure playground or just a quiet retreat. Positive side effect: The senses are sharpened by the proximity to nature and the motor skills are trained.

Not only at the treehouse for children, the tree should be selected conscientiously. Since no tree is the same as the other, the branch crutches must lift a dimensional construction of frame timbers, boards, angles and roofing felt. In order for the branches to easily carry the several hundred kilo construct, the tree must meet some requirements. In question are only massive and healthy trees, preferably with an expansive hollow crown.

Kids Treehouse Ideas Review

Healthy means that there are no dead branches or bare spots. Under no circumstances may the tree be rotten. Well suited are oaks, lime trees, maples, big pear and apple trees as well as beeches. Tree species such as walnut, poplar and robinia have brittle wood and should therefore bear no heavy tree houses. With the size of the tree, parents have to decide for themselves which height their children can trust. A short phone call with the responsible building authority clarifies whether a permit is required for tree house construction.

Kids Treehouse Ideas and Construction

Protective measures for healthy treehouses

In order not to injure the bark of the tree, it is important to be careful during construction. There should be no edges directly on the branches. Better are roundwoods. Ropes scrub the bark and destroy the tree surface over time. Protection against wear is provided by rubber or felt pads. While you should pay attention to high-quality materials in the supporting structure, can be used for the side walls and the roof truss pressboard, so as not to burden the tree with unnecessary weight. The roof is protected from rain with light roofing felt.

Today we reviewd the treehouses and kid tree houses. If you need more details about treehouse construction, you can read our other articles. Stay connected, wish you a good day.