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House Plant Maintenance Tips

In this article we will talk about house plant maintenance and home plant care subjects. If you want to buy a big plant and do not know what to do, this article just for you.

Elephant Foot - Less is more

Again forget to water the houseplants? Wonderful for this plant!

If you have lost the well-known green thumb completely, then but you put yourself an elephant foot plant. Easy to care and beautiful, it is a great adornment in every living room. Also known as a bottle tree or water palm, this can almost only be a mistake: too much water. Here is the saying: "Less is more."

Not only the fact that this houseplant is very easy to maintain, it also looks particularly attractive between other leafy plants. The trunk of this plant is thickened on the ground and becomes slimmer towards the top. Here he stores the water for long dry seasons. The plant, originally from Mexico, has in the course of time become accustomed to the conditions of the climate and has accumulated this water reservoir. Only water it when the top layer is completely dry or even easier: twice a month.

Home Plant Care Tips

We go ahead with home plant care subject again. The elephant's foot plant likes to be very bright and loves the sun. There, where all other indoor plants suffer from the heat, this plant feels perfectly well. So once you've got houseplants, put the new elephant foot here - in the blazing sun.

Attention cat owner!

Cats feel invited to use the stem of the elephant's foot to scratch. But beware! If the trunk is damaged, the tree loses vitality and enters. It's like punching a bag of milk. So the tree must be safe somewhere in the house or you have to do without this plant.

If you like big plants and want to learn home plant care this article will help you on some points. Hope it works, good luck.